Copyright © 2011 GPS Track USA. All rights reserved. How Does it Work? Inside the Vehicle Communications Our GPS Track Web Application The process begins with the asset you're tracking  — for example, a vehicle like this delivery van. First, you'll need to install our GPS tracking device in the vehicle. This device talks to the Global Positioning satellites to obtain the precise position of the vehicle, and can also monitor other things like the ignition, door locks, and accessory systems. Next, the GPS tracking device communicates this information over the Internet to the GPS Track server, usually via a terrestrial communication network such as a GSM cellular system. Depending  on the device and the network it supports, it may transmit in real-time, or based on a schedule. When The GPS Track USA server receives your vehicle information, it records it in a database. At the same time, our servers can check the data for evidence of speeding violations, emergency situations, or any other condition you've asked it to monitor, and react accordingly. A continuous flow of information from the GPS tracking device to the GPS Track server means a complete history of movement and status is stored right there in the database. Finally, when you want to see the location of your vehicle, you can log into the GPS Track USA web interface any time, day or night, and use GPS Track's full array of tools to display location, speed, route history, and much more. GPS Track Servers Ready to Start Tracking? GPS Track USA is a complete, end-to-end GPS tracking solution that does all of the above — and more. Plus, unlike other tracking systems, you can customize GPS Track to fit perfectly into your existing business operations. Give us a call today, and we'll gladly help you put together the tracking solution you are looking for. Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People Tel: 262 308~4471 Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People
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