Copyright © 2011 GPS Track USA. All rights reserved. Testimonials "The bottom line is, I trust my guys but GPS Track USA keeps them honest and helps me run a tight ship." Dwight Boris, Commercial Kitchen Repairs, Inc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We ordered GPS Fleet Trackers for our company vehicles in the beginning of this year. The GPS has saved our company a large amount of money on payroll, gas, etc. We use the GPS time to confirm the field time that is turned in from our employees." Alpine Fire Protection Inc. Stockton, CA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "One man working for me was doing six pools on the side for over two years. After I dismissed him he admitted this to one of my employees. The savings more than pays for your services, plus I have peace of mind." Richard Ferguson, Brownies Pool Clinic Sarasota, FL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We have been utilizing your system for seven months. Our initial test worked so well we are implementing your system through-out our entire branch network. Not only have we been able to demonstrate cost savings but the system has increased the safety factor." B&B Medical Services Inc. (Little Rock Branch) Little Rock, AR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Right when we first started using GPS Tracking, I logged in and saw a driver that was way out of her way. I was able to see this error and call her. She was quite surprised when I was able to tell her where she was and help guide her to her destination." Piepho Moving & Storage Onalaska, WI ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "GPS Track USA works great. It has helped us keep track of driving times and in assists our drivers with directions." Richard Carrier Trucking Skowhegan, ME ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The price is great and the features GPS Track USA have are just what we needed." David LaHood, Energy Home Insulation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Your product has helped us keep a tighter reign on our employee's movements. They are much less likely to run personal errands, go home early or waste time when they know we are looking. I was even able to match up trip routes to gas card purchases to ensure that our company is not paying for gas in personal vehicles." Carolyn Smithburger, Wallmark Service Company Prince Fredrick, MA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Very happy with your GPS tracking devices. They help keep track of employees and the freight they are carrying with the added benefit of clearing up any discrepancies with customers regarding time of delivery." Dave Webster, Fragile Freight Fragile Freight is a delivery and transport company that transports pianos to locations in all of the 48 contiguous states. Based in Burdett, NY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "GPS Track USA works great. It helps in keeping track of where all of our trucks and employees are." Richard Britton, Appletree Services Appletree Services is a tree trimming service in Little Rock, AR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The GPS Track USA system has allowed us to keep track of our equipment without having to spend hours trying to locate it." Frank Geismar, Brown Bros., Inc. Brown Bros., Inc., started in 1995, focuses on grading, excavating, and site utilities. Located in Chattanooga, TN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Washington State Department of Transport is using a GPS unit to monitor movement of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Expansion Joint. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It works perfectly. It tells us what we need to know all the time." Adrian Orterga, PPI Guys Towing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I needed a quick solution that was cost effective. You guys delivered. Now I don't know how I lived without it." Bruce K ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "My drivers don't like the changes around here, but your technology has helped me increase my control over my company." John H ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I thought my company was running efficiently. Boy was I wrong! Many drivers were wasting time at coffee breaks and doing errands. Tracking their movements has increased time on the job by at least 25%!!!!!" Leon Y Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People Tel: 262 308~4471 Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People
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